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We're not breaking up, but we are going to lose
our signature trademark:

Our voice!

Kalle Karacho is going to leave
our tiny little Punkrock-Ship and concentrates
on what a man in his age should do, what
we all should do: Starting a family!

On May, 1st, amodestproposal will play the last
show with Kalle. We invite everyone to join us, and
give him a great and unforgetable farewell-party.
It's gonna take place @ Sonic Ballroom in Cologne.
This also will be the release party for our new 7'.

We all feel very sad since Kalle told us about his
decision. But there are things in life, that are
more important than playing in a Punk-Band.

Thank you for the last ten years!

more details coming soon!




YES! Finally! We`ve managed to record a new
album, get all our stuff together, played some
awesome shows with bands we really love and
now we are proud to present our new songs
to you! Take a listen and hopefully enjoy!

The album title is:

direct action beats legislation

11 Tracks, recorded from time to time in different
places, with the help of some wonderful friends.

Love, hugs and kisses,


The Cover-Artwork

Hands forming a heart and a bridge! Isn't this
artwork bringing all the things that matter
in life together? These two hands could
be two strangers, celebrating the most
important thing in ones life - coming together,
bringing love into existences, build bridges,
where no bridges have been before!
New ways of communication, streets
of peace, connecting human beeings!

Take a look at the artwork - brilliant!
Thanks to Fritte!



amodestroposal on youtube

Yeah, sounds unbelieveable, but, smart guys we
are, Kalle finally put all his video material
together and made this nice little clip.
The song is called "No action left in this", and here
you'll see a collection of shows we played in the
last couple of years. With sharp eyes, you can see
our beer-bellys grow, find out that we changed
the drummer and watch our hair being long and
than short again - awesome!



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